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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

35MECA   provides you with social media marketing solutions, strategies, and recommendations and helps you build online communities with your target audience. Our creative strategies and solutions are designed to maximize engagement, increase brand loyalty and increase your brand awareness. And for every campaign, a social media management strategy must be implemented, studying and observing the running campaign, and luckily we odder that too.

Content Creation

The content provided by our experienced content creators will attract your customers, promote your business development, and truly highlight your brand image. We understand the importance of organic coverage for businesses. Therefore, we create content to increase the natural impact of your brand and test it to ensure that our content appeals to your target audience.

Social Media Management

Social media increases brand exposure and customer engagement. However, if you fail to properly maintain and analyze the performance of your various social media accounts and observe the progress of this strategy, you may have a negative impact on your brand. We also know that the more goals you want to achieve through social media, the more people you need to supervise your work. Our team of social media and marketing experts will:

  •  Conduct social media audits
  •  Determine the most suitable social media platform
  •  Analyze the interaction of your audience with your content.